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If you dont know what Jabber and/or Jabbernaut is about, look at the about page

March 20th, 2002 - Development ceased

Just in case you don't know it yet, development of Jabbernaut has effectively ceased shortly after 0.5.6b1. I am not likely to ever work on it again, as I am not even using MacOS 9 anymore (all my work is done on Mac OS X for about a year now). Sorry to all you out there who might still be using it, but I just can't afford the time to work on it anymore.

April 20th, 2001 - Jabbernaut 0.5.6b1

A long time since the last version, I know. But I have been busy with other things, like studying MCS, and also contributing to a MacOS X client, JabberFoX.

This new release adds SOCKS 4 proxy support. This is not yet tested, though, I fully relay on others to test it for me. That's one reason this is dubbed beta. The other is that I want to add in some more bug fixes before I go final. I also consider adding HTTP proxy support, once I can figure out how to do that best.

December 24th - Christmas present Jabbernaut 0.5.5 released!

A merry christmas to you all out there! Jabbernaut 0.5.5 is finally available here. It was originally scheduled for December 22nd, but due to problems with SourceForge, the release was delayed.

Anyway, this version fixes the dreaded agents & profile bugs of 0.5.4, and contains several other improvements and fixes. I hope you enjoy it.

November 2nd - Jabbernaut 0.5.4 released!

Older Jabbernaut versions did not work together with JServer 1.2 or newer. Finally this is fixed in version 0.5.4! So get it, it's worth the time!. Also a lot of other features were added. Go download it here.

August 19th - Jabbernaut 0.5b3 released!

This version is a must-have for all Jabbernaut users. It features the long awaited agents user interface. Registering with an agent is now easier than never before. Also adds customizable roster colors, more notify events, several new preferences, tons of bug fixes and more.

July 22nd - Jabbernaut 0.5b1 released!

Many new features have been added to Jabbernaut. Definitly get this version.

Note: the profile format has changed, you'll need to re-enter you profile informations.

Help wanted!

Are you good at writing? Are you a programmer and have spare time? Well, maybe you're interested in helping out in the development of Jabbernaut? We really could need some help writing a manual, a "Getting Started" guide and other stuff. Also, the networking code needs to be revised. And a ton of stuff on the TODO is waiting :-)

If you think you can help with one of the above, email to jabbernaut@quendi.de.
Even if you don't think you can do any of the above mentioned, but still want to help, tell us! Give us a quick review of your background/abilities, and maybe there's a way you can help us anyway.

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