Jabber Links:

Jabber.org – The main page for Jabber developers and people interested in helping Jabber, not for the end user!

Jabber.com – Makes custom Jabber client/server solutions for companies and brand name Jabber based IM's. Makes JabberIM a nice simple good looking Jabber client for Windows.

Jabbercentral.com – Jabber news site and info for the end user.

hotjabber.com - An info and help site. Has a good WinJab tutorial.

dmoz jabber page - Lots of links related to Jabber.

Other Links:

MacZoop - C++ framework used by Jabbernaut.

GUSI - the POSIX socket library employed for network communication within Jabbernaut

OpenSSL - used for SSL support in Jabbernaut

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